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BETA Release

Connect Anything. Anywhere.

GPS + GSM + Bluetooth.

All on one board.

Ultra Low Power 200µA Idle | 20mA continous GPS
GSM current varies, approx 0.5-1mAh per transmission

SIM68 GPS & GLONASS + Patch50cm Accuracy. 35s to fix from cold start [Datasheet]No external antenna needed

For Arduino & PiTwo sets of header pin holes. Solder your own headers in - you choose!

SIM800H Quadband GSM Near global coverage. Use it for TCP/IP and to receive SMS & Calls. [Datasheet]
Integrated SIM chip. Add a SIM card reader to make calls or send SMS.
UFL antenna not included.

2 Extra Hardware UARTS On top of the ones for the SIM800H (GSM + Bluetooth) and SIM68 (GPS).
Use them for an LCD or to connect other devices

Bluetooth Radio in the SIM800HFor collecting data from nearby devices
UFL Antenna not included

RT Geo behaves like a hardware serial multiplexer

Just type rt.selectGSM() or rt.selectGPS() and then use your favourite library to create something awesome!

Works with all libraries, like TinyGPS++ and Seeeduino

Requires just one uart and gives you an extra two! Use them with rt.selectUart1() or rt.selectUart2()

Diagram of pin use. Fully stackable!

Uses the 5V bus but can work off a 3.7V LiPo. Has VBAT+/- connections

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